Risen from one hundred-years-old walls, Burro e Marmellata (butter and jam) is history and innovation. The B&B , absorbed  in the countryside of  Padua and  surrounded by green, is  a perfect marriage among the peacefulness and all the comforts we can provide.
The structure has two floors: a reading room, a large breakfast room, a kitchen, and a bathroom are located at the ground floor, while three rooms, each one provided with private bathroom, occupy the first floor.
The people-friendly size of the rooms has been  designed to mix the functionality and convenience needed after a long working day, and the pleasure of a relaxing vacation.

Burro e Marmellata (butter and jam) doesn’t have this name by chance… in fact, it is meant to underline the mixture of the traditional and rustic taste of the place and the sweetness we will offer you. (read more)